Lots of Changes

Lots of Changes

Lots of Changes

Lot of changes in my life these days. Since the afternoon I spent waiting for PGE to show up for the final electrical read at 61 Bluxome Street, I have not been back to The Clay Studio ( PGE never showed by the way!). The Clay Studio has been a major part of my life for many years and I think it will take some time before my level of enthusiasm for our new space takes hold.

Spent tonight sitting in my new space contemplating how I want to set things up. The room has incredible natural light, which is a first for me when it comes to studio spaces.

My new space is fairly far from the kiln, but I am hoping the natural sunlight and fresh air will make up for the inconvenience. It has been hard for me to choose a space, but I have, and now I must decide what to do with the carpet on the floor.

Right now it is covered with plastic and thermoply sheathing. Took a small try at tearing up the carpet tonight. It will be a bear! If I do decide to tear the carpet out, it will just require a great deal of elbow grease. Rather than use chemicals, I read on the internet that hot water works , so I tried it and sure enough it immediately turned the yellow glue white and softened up a bit. Going to take lots of patience and hard work…. The photo above is of our new studio-sfclayworks.com before we started on any of the build out.

The photos below show some of the progress we have made in the past week or so. Last weekend we had a big building party and lots of work got done! All the walls are in except for a few panels, the electrical is around the space, and members are slowly moving into their spaces. Still lots of work to do….. maybe some of you would like to join our next work party?



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