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The First Glaze Firing at sfclayworks

The First Glaze Firing at sfclayworks

Been a while since I have updated my personal blog. Besides this jfujiclayware blog, I have also been  maintaining the blog at, the blog for my new studio.

Somehow or other my desire to keep sfcw website current and vital has taken over my blogging energy. I also find that so much of the news is of crossover interest, that I feel like if you look at one blog you will know everything on the other.

When I first started this blogging business it seemed a bit strange typing personal thoughts, and spreading them into the blogosphere, but in general the words seem to flow and I find it to be a good way to clear my thoughts whether anyone reads my website or not.

The biggest news these days is that we recently fired up the new gas reduction kiln at sfclayworks and I am happy to report we managed to reach cone 9+ in approximately 10 hours.

We started the firing worried we would not reach temperature at all as we had previously done a bisque firing and had trouble reaching bisque temperature.

After consulting with the local kiln installer and also with our kiln builder, we changed the orifice size on our venturi burners so that they are a larger size to accommodate our current  level of gas pressure. We also removed a red plastic plug that was left in our gas line by our kiln builder.

Hmmm, I suppose that gas line obstruction was a HUGE problem with our original bisque fire fiasco.

sfclayworks up and running!

sfclayworks up and running!

Its hard to believe, but after only two and a half months since our departure from The Clay Studio, sfcw opened its doors to students and community studio members. We have all been hard at work setting up the studio space, and based on the reactions from a variety of students and community space members, everyone seems to be very happy with sfclayworks.

Our public debut was officially January 17, 2012 when we held our first class of continuing students. It was a reunion of sorts as many of the students were formerly at The Clay Studio, but we also welcomed some new faces.

I am happy to once again have the opportunity to share my love for clay. Everyone was hard at work getting their fingers back into clay as you can see in the photo above.

Below you will see a mix of random photos of some new things happening at the studio:

There will be a gallery of images coming soon.