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Memories of The Clay Studio

Memories of The Clay Studio

I can only speak for myself, but I will miss The Clay Studio. I will miss the sense of community, but most of all I will miss John. Do not get me wrong we had our moments. Sometimes we did not get along, but the majority of the time we had a friendly banter often perceived as an “old married couple”.

Though an occasional grouch, ( I guess I was also) John was the one person who always believed in me. He helped me have faith in myself and my work when no one else did. I will miss his support, and those never ending glaze and firing discussions we had which usually ended up with us reaching for the Hamer and Hamer ceramics dictionary.

Below are a few shots of 61 Bluxome and music to go along with the slide show if you so desire.

Bird alone by Abbey Lincoln is one of my favorite songs so I have added it here to go along with the slideshow.

The slideshow will appear here ….. need to upload the photos and do a gallery.